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Shawn Jones is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois. He has utilized his ability to trade in the foreign exchange market and his graphic design skills to jumpstart his career and make a living for himself; however, Jones has never received a formal education in graphic design. Jones explains that he wasn’t too fond of school throughout his adolescent years. After moving to the suburbs of Illinois, Jones was expelled from the high school he was attending. Jones then transferred to alternative school, but his actions caused him to be removed from that school as well. At this point, Jones could have resorted to a life of crime. Instead, Jones started making music while creating graphics on the side. After two years of being outside of the classroom, Jones returned to the public school system and graduated with his younger brother’s high school class.

Jones stresses how important going back to high school was for him. His older brother never finished high school, and of his two parents only his mother was able to obtain her G.E.D. Jones’ younger brother was on the verge of dropping out of high school as well. Jones felt obligated to return to school so that he may graduate alongside his younger brother and emphasize the importance of education. Jones sacrificed his pride in order to create more opportunities for himself and to motivate his sibling. Jones believes that as long as you are doing the right things in life, then you are always on time.
After he had completed high school, Jones recounts a period of homelessness that his family endured. Evidently, there was a massive fire that rendered Jones’ home inhabitable. Although this period was extremely difficult for Jones and his family, it was at this time that Jones realized that events don’t happen to you, but instead they happen for you. Homelessness brought Jones’ family closer together, and it allowed him to undergo a positive mental transformation. Jones’ ambition was enhanced, and he was driven to achieve self-improvement.

Graphic design is the primary tool which has allowed Jones to grow as an entrepreneur. Jones thought he was interested in doing videography or photography, but he didn’t have the software or camera equipment to effectively operate in either of those fields. Jones did have access to a 30-day free trial for photoshop though. He would observe YouTube tutorials and the work of other graphic designers in order to hone in on his own skillset. Jones was able to create the brochures for his high school’s 2016 graduation, and he has done plenty of graphic design work in the Illinois suburb he currently resides. He has established his own company called Bishop Design Studios, and he seeks to employ individuals who possess the skills but lack the education.

Moving forward, Jones intends to create his own foundation to help people who are living in poverty. The F.O.U.R. (Focus On Unity and Respect) Foundation will cater to people who were raised by the streets or grew up in torn down homes. The acronym essentially means that if you do everything in life with respect, then it is inevitable that you will prosper and grow as a person. Ultimately, Jones wants people to understand the importance of never giving up hope and always living below your means. It is not important to show people how you are living; people only need to see that you are living.

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