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Bishop Jones

Branding Strategist

•Turned skill into $100k Company

• Spoke to over 100,000+ people

•Behind some your favorite businesses

Solve The Three Greatest Business
Problems Most Entrepreneurs Face...


How to go from no idea to the BIG business idea you're excited to work on and grow every day.


How to get your first paying customer - even on a shoestring budget.


How to avoid getting stuck- and to continue growing over time.

I know this because this is exactly what I struggled with in the past too.

So don't think that you're the only one who has been frustrated with yourself, not knowing how to even get your business started- let alone to grow and scale it.

When I started Bishop Design Studios LLC, I literally had $0 in my pocket. Nobody knew who I was. And like you, I had bills to pay.

It was alot of  years of trial and error. And by that I mean LOTS of painful, expensive errors…

I figured out the strategies that made it possible to grow my business to over $100k in worldwide sales.

And I’ve used these strategies dozens of times over the years in my other businesses and investments.

Now obviously, I’m NOT promising you’ll get results like mine. Or any results for that matter.

What I can promise is that learning from the mentorship  I have put together for you, with a bit of hard work and persistence, should maximize your chances of success.

Here’s How We’ll Do It...
The 3 Stages To 
Launching Your Business