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I’m Shawn Jones and I’m disgustingly obsessed with the world of branding and how it can rapidly throw your company into the marketplace for financial success. I’m a designer who got tired of seeing business owners struggling to nail their branding so I decided to do something about it. I started Bishop Design Studios and quickly became the CEO of Illinois fastest-growing branding agency, our clients now span the globe in places such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta to name a few.

I focus my attention on innovation, branding, marketing and being as disruptive as possible through my education content, courses, workshops, speaking & growing my company. My heart is in giving as many business owners as possible that “Ah-hah” moment they need to break through and beyond their fears and step into the world of success.

Branding is not what your company looks like, it’s not your logo or some vague purpose-driven tagline.

Branding is the heartbeat of what pumps life into your business.

Without a solid brand, businesses waste their money on dramatically over complicated & expensive advertising campaigns. Killing the business in the process, you don’t need to do that. Getting a strong grip on your brand's identity is the most effective tool in growing a company that I’ve discovered yet. My mission is to show business owners how to engage with their audience without dated, pathetic and frankly useless advertising tactics. The world has become aware and your strategy needs a new outfit, that outfit is branding.


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